The Family Support Program

The TARC Family Support program is a tremendous resource for families raising children with developmental disabilities. It is a bilingual program, offered in both English and Spanish, and is available to families living in areas served by the Tulsa Area United Way. Family Support encompasses the following services:

  • One-on-One Education includes helping families with questions about a specific disability, such as Down syndrome or autism.
  • Helping families access the service delivery system.
  • Special Education Advocacy involves working with families and their schools to address the child’s needs in the special education system.
  • Professional Education affords local professionals, service providers and media representatives access to subject-matter experts on a variety of disabilities-related topics.

Support Groups are a vital part of the TARC Family Support offering. TARC support groups are:

For more information, contact Sherilyn, Jasmine or Steve at 918-582-8272.